Benev GF – DNA Serum for Aging and Mature Skin 18ml


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Benev GF – DNA Serum for Aging and Mature Skin 18ml Description

BENEV® GF-DNA Serum is an intensive anti-aging serum designed to diminish the signs of aging and sun damage by accelerating DNA repair and restoring the growth factors present in healthy, young skin. The concentrated serum may be used daily for smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin. Growth factors are natural proteins abundant in young, healthy skin that nourish skin cells and keep them active, regulating repair and renewal processes. They are involved in cell generation, collagen production, and elastin production. These functions help keep skin taut, firm, and smooth. As skin ages or suffers photo-damage from sun exposure, it produces fewer growth factors, loses elasticity, and develops wrinkles and discoloration. Now, advances in biotechnology have made it possible to produce growth factors in a laboratory and stabilize them for topical application. The unique GF-DNA formula contains human fibroblast conditioned media with multiple growth factors to restore youthful levels of regeneration and repair. The pure, well-documented process of producing this conditioned media maintains the chaperone proteins with the growth factors to protect the active ingredients and help them penetrate more deeply for fast, dramatic results. Scientific studies have shown that dermal application of growth factors can improve skin?s texture and elasticity by rejuvenating its cell proliferation and healing process. GF-DNA also fights aging with key ingredients for DNA repair, including cotton extract and Arabidopsis thaliana extract. Damage to DNA is considered a major factor in visible aging. Cotton extract may boost the skin?s repair mechanisms and encourage the elimination of DNA damage, helping to reduce inflammation and erythema and prevent premature skin aging. Arabidopsis thaliana extract contains a repair enzyme that recognizes DNA damage and initiates and accelerates the repair process to restore optimum skin health.

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